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20 març 2014

Movers group

Extraescolars, Primària

First, students cut out the objects of the bedroom they are about to create for themselves. It’s a very complete bedroom with full furniture and accessories!

Then, in pairs, they have to describe their bedroom to his/her partner (who doesn’t know how that partner’s bedroom does look like), who will set up his/her bedroom following the directions given. Once it is finished, they have to do it the other way around! Follow up: Students can add up more objects and / or distinctive features to their bedroom, so that descriptions can take a bit longer!


Pressupost i horaris, viatge 4t ESO. Curs 2017-2018
22 febrer 2018
Circulars, Pares i mares, Secundària

Reunió de pares, 1r d’ESO. Intercanvi Escola Gavina. Curs 2017-2018
22 febrer 2018
Pares i mares, Secundària

Jornades de PORTES OBERTES. Curs 2017-2018
22 febrer 2018
Infantil, Pares i mares

Taller de cuina de febrer. Curs 2017-2018
21 febrer 2018
Circulars, Extraescolars, Infantil, Primària