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13 març 2014

Which is better and why?

Extraescolars, Primària

Hi everyone! I’m Oriana and I’d like to introduce you to the activities we do in our speaking classes. One of the activities the children found very interesting was one called “Which is better and why?”: there are two children sitting one in front of the other, they have to speak about a topic and to explain why is better than the other (for example football VS handball, as you can see from the photo). At the end of the discussion the other classmates have to vote for one. Then the winners of each discussion debate among each other and the finalists have to win a round table about a topic in general (for example videogame, as you can see from the photo). Each child has one to speak about and the classmates’ votes decide who is the final winner. They did their best because they like to be the winner!!!


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